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Child Neurology Foundation Webinar: Cannabis in Epilepsy


Child Neurology Community Conversations from the Voices of the Provider, the Caregiver, and the Advocate: Medical Cannabis in Epilepsy. This webinar aims to examine the new evolution in medical cannabis treatment and further dialogue among these diverse yet conjoined perspectives. Join experts from the child neurology community for this 75-minute webinar that will address:
-What we know and do not know from the current available evidence on medical cannabis in the treatment of epilepsy
-What role does this evidence and its gaps play in a physician’s behavior and attitude toward cannabis
-What physicians would like caregivers to consider regarding epilepsy treatment with cannabis
-Lessons parents have learned through the use of cannabis as part of their child’s regimen
-Misconceptions about medicinal preparations
-Role of advocacy groups and how caregivers can best engage with these groups to navigate this evolving conversation
-Resources available for education and self-advocacy


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