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Is Cannabis Legal in South Africa?


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Is Cannabis Legal in South Africa?

We’re speaking with Chris Jay of South Africa NORML and Jeremy Acton from the Dagga Party to discuss South Africa’s complicated cannabis policy.

Could South Africa become for cannabis what chocolate is for Switzerland? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Check out The Dagga Party on their website “daggaparty”!

Read more about cannabis in South Africa by searching “Cannabis South Africa” on our website “Cannabis Industry Lawyer”!
1:30 – What is the Dagga Party?
2:45 – Is cannabis legal in South Africa?
4:00 – How much can you grow?
4:30 – Why can’t you sell it?
10:00 – What is the cannabis culture like in South Africa?
14:00 – How does South Africa’s climate fare for growing cannabis?
15:45 – Where does “Dagga” come from?
18:45 – South Africa varieties for hot and humid places
20:50 – Prejudice in South Africa
27:30 – South Africa weather for growing
31:15 – Are there public consumption spaces in South Africa?
32:30 – What is Dagga Day?
35:00 – Cannabis in Johannesburg
38:50 – The future of cannabis in South Africa
44:00 – CBD in South Africa
46:13 – What does the political process look like in South Africa?
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