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Wake & Bake America 778: 9 Tons Of Hemp In Oklahoma Update & Maryland Medical Cannabis 1


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The Dude & Scotty Real Are Hanging Out & Waking And Baking And Talking About If People Are Getting Smarter Or Dumber 10 Years After Smartphones Were Popular And If The Access To So Much Information Is Making People Learn Less, And Update On The 9 Tons Of Hemp That Was Siezed And Tested And Came Back As Not Marijuana In Oklahoma And The Perils Of Growing Cannabis In Maryland Even Though It Is Legal Medically There And More On Todays Episode Of Wake & Bake America

-8oz https://goo.gl/PCrSWH
-16oz https://goo.gl/MlurOH
-5lb https://goo.gl/oLNNeA


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